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Which is Better: Gas or Electric Motorcycle?

If you are confused about whether to buy a gas motorcycle or an electric motorcycle then you have to come to the right place. In this article, we have briefly explained which is better between a gas and electric motorcycle.

Gas or Electric Motorcycle:

Gasoline-powered engines have existed for many decades. They have been refined, improved, and dramatically reduced in size, power, and weight. Electric engines have made little progress since their invention around the turn of the 20th century.

The situation is about to change, however.

According to many, in the next ten years, electric motorcycles are going to be practical. Not only will they be lighter (and therefore faster) than gas-powered bikes; but also more powerful and quieter.

Electric motorcycle advocates point out that gas-powered motorbikes are noisy and smelly, while electric ones are quiet and clean. Gas-powered motorcycles have more vibration and harshness, and their speeds can’t be controlled.

Electric bikes turn with the steering wheel, which is more convenient and makes handling easier, especially off-road. They also have regenerative braking, which helps the battery’s longevity.

However, the electric battery doesn’t last as long as the gasoline engine. The batteries used in electric motorcycles are like normal batteries: you can run them down and ruin them by forgetting to charge them up again.

But, electric motors have another big advantage over gas motors: they start immediately, without the need to warm up.

Furthermore, electric motorcycles are almost always better at accelerating than the same size and weight of conventional motorcycles; electric cars are even better.


The usual choice between gasoline and electric power for motorcycles is gasoline because it’s efficient and cheap. But a gas motorbike is no more efficient at converting the chemical energy in gasoline into mechanical energy than an electric one is. Electric motors are much more efficient than gas ones.


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