Low-speed electric patrol car

If you want to keep your property safe, you may want to consider buying a low-speed electric patrol car. These vehicles are growing in popularity and will eventually replace petrol patrol cars in many situations. They are great for outreach police work and small area patrols. You can charge these cars with household power, which […]

4 Seats Small Low Speed Electric Patrol Car

The Electric Patrol Car is a special department personnel vehicle, which can be open or closed. It is an ideal vehicle for public security patrols on pedestrian streets, tourist attractions, large enterprises, and government agencies. This vehicle is also an excellent helper for urban management departments. Its design emphasizes practicality and superior automobile chassis technology. […]

This is Why Electric Patrol Cars are Becoming More Common

Electric patrol cars are gaining in popularity. Electric patrol cars are increasing the quality of protection and saving their agencies thousands of dollars each year on gasoline. No, doubt, having an electric patrol car comes with its advantage and that is the main reason why many governments around the world are spending more money in promoting […]