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Get the best golf carts with new features

You can get the best golf carts with new features from Goodmate. The golf cart is a kind of special vehicle and it has become a must-have item in people’s lives. We are offering the latest electric golf carts, especially for golf courses. There are many kinds of golf carts in our catalogue that you can find on our website at reasonable prices.

All of our golf carts have got a strong body structure along with new electric features. These are available in different sizes and seats. The chassis of these golf carts are rigid and thick as per the requirements of the users that usually demand durability. The best part that you will find while purchasing from us is that all of the categories of these carts are highly affordable.
Special features of our golf carts:
The latest models of these carts have got an intelligent entertainment system, central control screen that one can use for mobile phone projection and Bluetooth playback. Some of these models are available in air-conditioned versions and have GPS Navigation System along with Bluetooth function. The car can speed up to 25 kilometres per hour and it can support four people at the same time.

Golf carts are one of the most important parts of a golf course. They have become the backbone of golf courses in the modern world. Golf carts have become the main source of mobility for players and spectators on a golf course. You can find the various options available for you at affordable prices on our website.
Choose a golf cart as per your requirement:
Golf carts have come a long way from the old days when they were used as recreational vehicles to get around the golf course. Today, our advanced featured carts have made them very important in the overall functioning of a golf course.

We are providing greater technological support and services to improve the performance and utility of these carts. To find out more about the functionalities and different sizes of these carts, you can directly contact us to know more.

Latest Blog & Articles