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Get all-new electric vintage cars for golf courses from us

We are introducing this new idea of electric vintage cars so that we can make things easier for golf course owners. With the help of our product, golf courses can offer more to their players and make the game more convenient for them. We have been listening to golf course owners and their needs for a long time, and we have decided to solve all their problems at once by creating these new products.

We are selling them at an affordable price in order to make it easy for the golf course owners. Other than just golf courses, we have decided to provide these vintage cars for numerous other purposes, one of the main purposes of introducing this category is for tourist attractions.
What are the distinguishing features of our vintage cars?
The speciality of our models is that all of our vintage cars are made with hand-made metal exterior parts. To give a better and aesthetic look to these cars, we have used automobile-grade points. We have also arranged a beam-type frame that is more durable and provides great support to the whole vehicle.

The open body part of these vehicles is convenient for sightseeing and all the seats are highly comfortable. Our electric vintage cars restore our beloved memories about the past, but it is not only leisure. In our “smart” era it is a perfect way to live eco-friendly and relax on a trip. Electric Vintage Car is a new field of electric transportation. This car can be driven in the city, the suburbs and the country.
Why should one consider buying our electric vintage cars?
It is a new way to save energy and reduce emissions in the city with a clean, quiet and efficient method of transportation. It is also economical, easy to drive and has no pollution. Electric Vintage Car uses electricity as its fuel, which can be charged at home or at charging stations in the street. The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged at home or at charging stations in the street.

Latest Blog & Articles