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Electric Classic Cars

Many people are converting classic cars to electric drive by replacing the traditional gasoline engine with a modern electric motor and battery pack. One example of this is an episode of Wheeler Dealers in which Ed China converted an early 1990s Maserati Bi-Turbo from gasoline to electric power with high-powered batteries and modern electric motors. There are several benefits to this conversion. Read on to learn more about the advantages of electric classic cars.

Increase value of classic car

Classic cars are a great investment and many people are buying them for their beauty and nostalgia. These classic cars have been around for decades and have become a source of fascination for car collectors. However, the value of these cars quickly depreciates after they leave the showroom. As with other types of investments, the value of classic cars depends on demand. Rarer cars will be worth more. Here are a few tips to improve the value of your classic car.

First, learn what drives classic car prices. While there is no certain way to determine the value of any classic car, investing in a vintage car is a smart move. The market for classic cars has a great deal of volatility, so make sure you research the market well before buying one. In general, you can expect a ten percent increase in value for a classic car if it is well-maintained.


One of the benefits of driving electric classic cars is the longer lifespan. Electric vehicles have fewer parts than gasoline or diesel cars, and they deliver maximum torque from a standstill, unlike gasoline or diesel cars, which must hit the power band to get going. Moreover, electric cars are more reliable than their petrol and diesel counterparts due to the lack of moving parts. Also, these vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among green motoring enthusiasts.

One of the main concerns of classic car owners is the lack of reliable battery support. Old cars tend to break down frequently, and a typical service interval is around 6,000 miles. This means that converting classic cars to electric vehicles could lead to a higher level of vehicle reliability and a lower price tag. For example, a new Ferrari 308 had a service interval of six thousand miles. Moreover, classic cars usually sit in garages most of the time, so their reliability is not as high as that of modern cars.


The cost of converting a classic car to an electric vehicle is an increasing concern, especially with the looming global climate change debate. Electric cars are becoming the new norm in many countries, and converting your classic vehicle to electric could provide you with the same advantages. Electric cars have fewer moving parts, and their engines produce fewer pollutants. As such, the costs of converting a classic car to an electric vehicle are often comparable to those of a modern electric vehicle.

A conversion from a petrol-powered vehicle to an electric one will require a specialist and can cost as little as PS20,000. This figure includes all labour and parts needed to complete the conversion. You should be aware that this type of conversion is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need a substantial amount of cash to finance it, and some experts recommend that you get your car restored to its former glory. However, even if you can afford it, the expense of converting a classic car to an electric drive is still prohibiti

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