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Benefits of Low Speed ​​Electric Patrol Vehicles

Low-speed electric patrol cars are a new type of police vehicle that is gaining popularity and could eventually replace gasoline patrol cars. They are especially useful for outreach work and small area patrols, and can run on household power. Low-speed electric patrol cars also offer a number of environmental advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles. Here are some of those benefits. Read on to learn more.

High speed

The equipment used on the RARIROCAR. patrol car cannot accurately judge the patrol speed at high speed. The speed of the patrol car depends on the signal it receives, which may come from stationary terrain, fences or roadside objects. If the patrol car’s speed is low, the speed displayed on the speedometer will be higher than the target speed.

Since the battery is fully charged when idling, electric cars have an advantage in chasing other officers. At high speeds, however, EV acceleration may not be sufficient, so drivers must make sure they have enough battery power before starting a shift. A good rule of thumb is to start working on at least 80% of the SOC. If possible, it is best to charge the vehicle during the shift and plug it in before and after the shift to ensure maximum performance.


The final rule for the safety of low-speed electric patrol vehicles has been published, which provides more specific rules for the operation of electric, hybrid and low-speed vehicles. While it doesn’t apply to buses, light trucks, or other large vehicles, it does apply to the types of low-speed vehicles used for law enforcement. The main difference between EVs and HEVs is that low-speed EVs must operate without an internal combustion engine.

The final rule requires hybrid and electric vehicles to have minimal noise levels at standstill, in reverse and at forward speeds of up to 30 km/h. It also adopted an agency proposal for compliance testing outdoors. The final rule also sets new minimum noise levels for hybrid and electric vehicles. This noise level will help pedestrians detect the presence of these vehicles. As with any technology, strict safety standards must be enforced, but it is unlikely to prevent accidents.

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